Wine Tour | Castello Monaci

The land | The vineyards

The sun winds among luxuriant olives, the vineyards and two seas, and floods the earth with light and heat. The Castello Monaci vineyards can be found between the city and the sea, on the road that leads from Lecce to Taranto, at the gates of Salice Salentino, surrounded by centuries-old olive trees. The road that leads from the castle to the winery, a straight line a couple of kilometres long, is a meridian that divides the vineyards into two parts. A long corridor that is a passage through time in a place where modernity and deep roots meet. The castle and the winery are surrounded by about 3000 olive plants and by 200 hectares of vineyards that constitute one of the most significant models of innovative vine-growing culture in Salento.

Tuff, the rock of the earth, is transformed and remixed with the earth to provide skeleton and drainage. Its white colour, carried to the surface, reflects the light from below and amplifies the beneficial effects of the sun.