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A white winery in tuff erected in its central core by the Memmo family in the seventies constitutes the modern aspect of this land rich in history. The refrigerated pressing system using temperature-conditioned steel tanks and the careful vinification technologies are linked to the area dedicated to geing the wines: a particularly spectacular "e;barriccaia"e; or barrel room excavated in the tuff, a natural thermal insulator, which houses over 1000 French oak barriques and 18 barrels.

Their names spring from distant and ancient stories that lead us back to the atmospheres of myth - Artas and Aiace - and bring to mind the Greek origins or these lands - Medos, Kreos, Maru and Piluna. The style is powerful, elegant, strong and intense, but also self-assured and smiling just like the faces of the people you will meet in the winery.